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THE POSTMAN - The Unsung Hero's of Society

THE POSTMAN – The Unsung Hero's of Society  


 [Gone the way of the Pony Express]


Once again we will say; Now, we have been reading a not to well covered subject and that is the axing of [220K] Two-hundred- twenty thousand American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE] postal workers, layoffs, to start it appear immediately, and to be complete by it would appear [1 Jan 2015] and seeing as this is already mid [August 2011] that leaves something like [40] months of layoffs, so if we divide [220K] by [40], it's something in the neighborhood of [5.5K] Fifty-Five-Hundred layoffs from government service per month, [1,375] One-thousand-three hundred and seventy-five per week, or about [275] per state for [40] months, which doesn't sound like much until you figure that these jobs are not coming back, they are gone. But, this should have been expected not due to the down turn in the economy of which this is just piling on to, but the fact that mass communications has made the Postal Service a thing of the past to a greater and greater extent, it has gone the way of the Pony Express.


[The end of an era]


But the sad fact is that no one seems to care that its, and end of an era, the end of something that everyone simply took for granted, the invisible man, no one in the modern era really appreciated the Postman, the guy delivering the mail, but let it be late, or not delivered within the normal period of hourly delivery and the Postman is in for it. The [EMPIRE] is going to shed itself of [1/3rd] or [33%] of its postal workforce and the public is silent to the lost, and that is a shame. The postal system globally is one of the truly modern miracles let's take a slight walk down memory lane;


[Larkrise to Candleford]

Now this is not about the [EMPIRE] postal system, but it makes a good start anyway, it is about a Post Office in Candleford the United Kingdom, and the Post Mistress and their effects upon two communities, the farming community of Larkrise and the towns people of Candleford, mail was not taken granted in those days, a letter or package from France with the latest in styles, a letter from Canada, or from a loved one on board ship, brought by another ship heading back to the United Kingdom was something to glad about. Larkrise to Candleford is a great series about how in one community the Postal System, was the very hub of two communities, effecting everyone's lives, in those two communities. And, She Who Must Be Obeyed also says that on The Little House on the Prairie served the same purpose.


[The Letter]


Another great movie made by Hallmark Cards, when you care enough to send the very best, about two soul mates writing across time, one living in the era of the War of Secession, at the pivotal point of the war, the Battle of Gettysburg, placing a letter into a desk, that another would find the era of the computer, two star crossed lovers, that was to be denied in one era, but to be reborn in another era, and how a Post Office built during the first era in Boston, Massachusetts, was to have its effect upon the joining of love that time could not over come, starts to bring home the loss of a great institution, that everyone simply has taken for granted.


[The Miracle on 34th Street]


Now, how could anyone ever forget how an agency of the United States Government could not, and would not ever delivery mail to anyone but the intended recipient, one Kris Kringle, know as Santa Clause, and Yes! Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, the sight as one after another of the Postal Service System, emptying bag after bag, of mail upon the bench of a much surprised Federal District Judge, who ask for it and got just what he asked for. The United States Postal Service the ultimate in service to the nation, is served and has been served, and to a lesser extent will continue to be served by the invisible and faceless men and women the Postmen of the Postal Service, so invisible that everyone yaws as the War Horse of one era is pushed to the side in the new era, and those who served the public interest, the public has little interest in.


[The Postman]


The [EMPIRE] has fallen, there is no government, until a con man on the run from having been drafted into an army he didn't want to be inducted into in the first place, comes upon a dead Postman, killed while making his appointed rounds, with mail still intact which has never been delivered. The Con Man, comes up with an idea which he figures will get him what he needs, a place to hide out, food, and shelter, after all everyone wants the mail, and its been a long time coming, and if they believe that the government still exists, will what would it hurt, a little lie on his part or an assumption on their part, never hurt anyone, especially him. But, in the end that con created hope that turned into a movement, and that movement connected a fallen nation, as young Postmen and Women stood side by side at their moment of death shaking hands, each saying how proud they were to have stood and died at that moment along side the other. A new nation built the old fashion way, they earned it, the mail must and will get to were it is going, the unsung hero's of a nation, the Postal Worker.




We are now in the era of very lean and very mean, combined with technology that has replaced, displaced, and in the case of the Postal Service and Postal Worker, as society have without a thank-you, or even a hint of concern turned their heads as once again Postal Workers stand proud, not awaiting the final moment of their lives, but none the less the death of their careers, with little if any thanks or acknowledgement from a nation they so honorably served, and there is something sad about that, what does that say about a nation, its people and the era into which that community is heading. Thank-You from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone of you the unsung hero's of the Global Community who serve the interests of the community, the POSTMAN, here's the mail right on time!


HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                                       

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  1. Whatever happened to Lysander Spooner and the American Letter Mail Company? The US [MONOPOLY] put him out of business, that's what. They [EMPIRE] didn't like the competition.


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