Saturday, August 13, 2011

EMPIRE POSTAL SERVICE - Gone the way of the Pony Express, Sorry Granny!

EMPIRE POSTAL SERVICE – Gone the way of the Pony Express, Sorry Granny!


[Gone the way of the Pony Express]


Now, we have been reading a not to well covered subject and that is the axing of [220K] Two-hundred- twenty thousand American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE] postal workers, layoffs, to start it appear immediately, and to be complete by it would appear [1 Jan 2015] and seeing as this is already mid [August 2011] that leaves something like [40] months of layoffs, so if we divide [220K] by [40], it's something in the neighborhood of [5.5K] Fifty-Five-Hundred layoffs from government service per month, for [40] months. But, this should have been expected not due to the down turn in the economy of which this is just piling on to, but the fact that mass communications has made the Postal Service a thing of the past to a greater and greater extent, it has gone the way of the Pony Express.


[How layoffs generally go]


Now, the average guy knows full and well how this is pretty much going to work it is from both ends of the Postal Service Works, It will be stop hiring's beyond those were transfers to those locations were the ranks have thinned can't be made, than, Last Hired-First Fired, and at the other end it will mean a [65] year old, forced retirement like it or not, your eligible for Social Security and Medicare, and if necessary can move in with one of the kids, if your unable to make ends meet, and if that still doesn't cut the number, then it will be based upon performance evaluations and if the guy who writes those evaluations wants you gone, your gone, that is the simply way of all this, cut and dry.


[More trouble down the pike]


Now, this is all bad news at a bad time, it doesn't mean that this state or that state is going to be effected equally, and that its not going to have effects upon various communities differently, like Alaska, or Wyoming sparse population, at some locations, spread over vast areas depending upon how you look at it, the post office may in fact not be paying for its staff or its upkeep, but what is the alternative, and the government will have to eat the cost. Then you look to the more populated states, were they are really no longer needed, so the cuts will come from them, which will put more Postal Service workers out of jobs and onto the unemployment lines, say in New York City, Chicago, and [L.A.] Los Angles The City of Angles, California a State already Bankrupt. So, basically this is not going to be a shared cost per state or local area, and some poor areas already hard hit like Detroit, all looking for more trouble coming down the pike.


[Sorry Granny]


So, those Saturday deliveries will have to be stopped if Congress likes it or not, routes will have to be made larger, junk mail will have to be curtained, by having higher postal rates imposed, keyed mail box's will have to be in clusters, at the end of neighborhood Cul-De-Sac, and [SCMHP] Senior Citizen Mobile Home Parks, packages over a certain size and weight will have to be picked up at the Post Office, in the end the [UPS] United Postal Systems, will become the new Well's Fargo Wagon, delivering those once Sears and Montgomery Wards Catalogs, [UPS] will pick upon its business, package deliveries to residences, old grand-ma can't make it to the end of the Cul-De-Sac, and/or [SCMHP] Senior Citizen Mobile Home Park and doesn't drive, do to her advanced age, so those packages at the Post Office well if not delivered by [UPS] will be returned to sender after a certain date, unless the [SCMHP] manager is tasked with the job of delivering the mail, and unless there is a good hearted neighbor in the Cul-De-Sac, or willing to make the trip to the Post Office, those medications in the mail oops!!! And, it's too bad so sad, Sorry Granny. Is this going to be one of those transition headaches, has anyone ever know governments to get it right the first, second, third, etc., time's, so Granny here we go again.   



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