Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BUCK PASSING START'S HERE!!! - It's [GWB], it's the Tea-party, it's the S&P 500, and/or it's those Germans!!!

BUCK PASSING START'S HERE!!! – It's [GWB], it's the Tea-party, it's the S&P 500, and/or it's those Germans!!!


[GWB], [T-P], [DB/DS] & [AM]


Now, this whole Contraction, not a double-dip recession, or Global Depression, and certainly not a  sudden deep and prolonged Global Economic Chaotic Catastrophic Transition, is all the fault of [GWB] George Walker Bush it was all an inherited problem, and if that doesn't  seem to ring true, well then it's the fault of the [GOP] Grand-Old-Party those nasty Republicans, and their out of control [T-P] Tea-Party members, a bunch of anti-growing- never- ending taxation with representation extremist, so that didn't make it for you either, well what about its that bunch from the S&P 500 Marc Tirl, DPA / Corbis, it's the fault of [DB/DS] David Beers, Deven Sharma the unelected arbiter of the Worlds financial system, and his [80] Empire Imperial Emperor hating, munchkins, Oh! Seems that didn't wash either well then it's those German's it's that Kraut [AM] Angela Merkel's fault for not bailing out the [PIIGS] Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain, not to speak of not putting more forces on the ground in Afghanistan, or Libya, and showing lack of support for not opening yet another theater in World War III in Syria, it's all their fault. Swell it's all their fault and certainly not that of his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex.


[Office of the King Fish, Buck Passing Starts Here!!]


What happened to the Buck Stop's Here!! Now, old Harry Truman was another of those Lefty types Democrats, and was another make war not love Democrats [Truman's Police Action] The Korean Conflict / War, but at least the guy took ownership for his administration and his actions, to the point were the old boy had a sign on the desk in the Oval Office [The Buck Stop's Here], a buck being a [$USD$]. The current holder of the desk in the Oval Office need's a sign, [BUCK PASSING STARTS HERE!!]. The only person we ever saw that was slippery as the Emperor, was a character from radio and [television/TV/tellie/boob tube], a program called Amos and Andy, which today would be considered racist, and the character was called The King Fish, the two are mirror character's of each other, both make long winded speeches, both would say anything to get what they wanted, and neither took accountability for anything wrong that was caused by their actions or lack of. At this point it seem that the Oval Office should be renamed the Office of the King Fish, were Buck Passing Starts Here!




The question is just who's to blame in this blame game? Well, we can't blame the guy in the Office of the King Fish, sitting behind the desk with the sign the [BUCK PASSING STARTS HERE!!], viewers take your pick; [GWB], [T-P], [DB/DS] &/Or [AM], and if none or any combination of those named as it's all their fault doesn't trip your trigger well feel free to make up your own, this is the new Clue Game, [GWB] did it in the Oval Office, [T-P] did it in the Congress,  [DB/DS] S&P 500 Marc Tirl, DPA / Corbis, or [AM] failed to do it in Germany, you can make a complete new game of it the King Fish Blame Game, but look out for that copy right suit from the King Fish better known as his Imperial Majesty, sitting in the Office of the King Fish, at [1600] Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, [D.C.] District of Clown's, the Beltway, behind the desk with the sign [BUCK PASSING STARTS HERE!!!]



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