Wednesday, April 27, 2011

THE RACE TO ERASE - Manifest Destiny Erasing Palestine

THE RACE TO ERASE – Manifest Destiny Erasing Palestine

[Manifest Destiny]



Now, both ( in an article entitled Netanyahu: Erasing the Green Line, and (, Russia Today, Cross Talk with Peter Levelle, Palestate! Are covering the upcoming political maneuverings, going on concerning the upcoming speech to be given by Israeli Prime Minister [BiBi] The gift from God, Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress of the American- Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE], the tail wagging the dog, in an effort to shore up the [SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP] for the crisis ahead, as the September vote of the United Nations General Assembly [150] by all accounts aye/yes vote granting statehood to Palestine, approaches with or without the [EMPIRE], a vote that Israel's Alan Elsner of the Israel Project located in Washington, D. C. [District of Clown], has stated means nothing, and will only give the Palestinians only a [5 min.] statehood status, while arguing that a General Vote of the [UN] United Nations, is not the vote that would count but a vote only of the [UN] Security Council would be the only legitimate vote of course one in which the [EMPIRE] could and would Veto, a Palestinian State, setting up an Israeli challenge to the vote in the future, while at the same time rejecting the [UN] having any authority too establish a state when Israel itself was established by a vote of the [UN]. The other move to de-legitimatize, a Palestinian State is simply to Erase it before it is even voted upon, the race to erase the state. This is now being done by the Erasure of the so called Green Line, which leaves only one state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and that is the State of Israel without a [UN] vote or sanction, a pre-vote unilateral action that BiBi will have blessed by the [EMPIRE] on the [24th] of May. The idea being that if the former United States of America now the [EMPIRE] could and did create its [EMPIRE] from sea to shining sea, under the mandate of Manifest Destiny, placing the native inhabitants upon reservations, that exist to this day, which is an act of apartheid, and today Israeli makes the same claims of Manifest Destiny. That Israel could and will set up a bureau of Palestinian Affairs much as the United States of America had set up a Bureau of Indian Affairs which grants or denies different privileges to various native American tribes upon its own reservations, and BiBi's will in his speech bring the [EMPIRE] politicians, policy-makers, lobbyist and campaigners, up to date with the true reality of the new Israel.


[Gaza the new Oklahoma]


BiBi, has put the [EMPIRE] into a box, a government can not say one thing and do another, but of course that has never applied to the [EMPIRE] which is the prime of example of a Plutocracy of Hypocrisy, talking out of both sides of its corrupt system at the same time, but what now, can it now just abolish its own system of apartheid, close its bureau of Indian Affairs, over one day sovereign nations, within its territory, and the next day declare itself a now moral nation within the community of nations, don't think so. So, where does this leave the [EMPIRE], up the creek without a paddle, it must and will provide cover for the only true Democracy in the middle east of course, a clone copy of itself, right down to apartheid, bureaus of native affairs and grants rights and privileges, no native's running across the Canadian Boarder and no right of return for Palestinians. Gaza will become the new Israeli version of Oklahoma, the treaty was in effect as long as the water flowed, the grass grew, and the buffalo roamed, well pretty much under the laws of Manifest Destiny they turned off the water, the grass died and the buffalo no more roamed, followed by the land rush to open the Indian Territories up for settlement, with all those natives put on Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and provided for by the U.S. Army and Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Israeli version is the Gaza Open Air Concentration Camp, they will turn off the water and allow the Palestinians  to either die or roam to other lands say Canada, just as long as its out of Israel, the Israeli version of Cowboys and Indians, the Indians and Palestinians both loose.



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