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THE EMPIRE WILL DEFAULT ON DEBTS - Borrow, Tax, Print QE's and Spend like there is no tomorrow

THE EMPIRE WILL DEFAULT ON DEBTS – Borrow, Tax, Print QE's and Spend like there is no tomorrow


[The Bear of Bretton Woods]

Barry Eichengreen a Professor of Economics and Political Science at [UCB] University of California Berkeley, author of Exorbitant Privilege: The Rise and Fall of the [$USD$] United States Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System, wrote and article for (www.Project-Syndicate.Org) a George Soros  Funded organization, entitled The Bear of Bretton Woods, a commentary on the meeting held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, the birthplace of the [IMF] International Monetary Fund, The American-Israeli Empire directly appoints the heads of the [IMF], which is basically the loan sharking department of the Empire. The [IMF] in concert with the World Bank give's huge high risk, loose term, loans to countries to cope with crisis situations, putting them in the back pocket of the [IMF], who in turn request [Services in Return], the [IMF] is the Landlord and the loaner country becomes the provided service renter, if you get the drift. The best thing for any country is to avoid dealing with the [IMF] because they do attach strings and conditions that do more good for the [IMF] at the cost of the country taking out the loan, forcing many countries to build up huge currency reserves, rather than deal with the [IMF]. The [IMF] basically provides the Empire policy-makers with advice as how to put other countries under their economic thumbs. If a country has a sick economy going to the [IMF] is the same as cutting your own throat, plus the [IMF] can be counted upon to miss the boat when it comes to providing early warnings of impending crises, your better off seeing a Clinical Physiologist/ Medium/ Mentalist/Physic/Witch/, or just flip a coin.


[[SDR'S] Special Drawing Rights]



[SDR'S] or Special Drawing Rights seem to be something the good professor has a real problem with, and just what are [SDR'S], a Supra-National Reserve Currency, or emergency credits, to be controlled by the [IMF] and that is a very bad idea, not the [SDR'S] the idea of the [IMF] under the control of the [EMPIRE] having more power to mess things up then it already has, if the fund were in Swiss Banks with oversight from the global [Parity Spheres of Influence], bank systems, with continual audits, that might work, but the [IMF], that would be shooting the worlds economy in the foot. The other complaint that the good Professor had is that [SDR'S] would not settle cross-border transactions, nor could they denominate international bonds, [no private markets for them], and any governing body would have to be able too issue them when need [a financial melt down], or crisis such as Japan the professor used Lehman Brothers as an example, and felt that even Texas Rep. Ron Paul would object to any central bank located anywhere, having that much power. The problem is the good professor didn't give a good alternative, meltdown after meltdown, sit on your hands and do nothing or a loan distribution process, with strict oversight would seem the reasonable alternative, and that is what the duty of responsible government oversight is for, not like today where the cart is pulling the horse, where [Fox] banks, business, and lobbyist run the [Chicken House] of government, the inmate's running the asylum.    


[Tri-Polar Vs. Diversified Multilateral Currency Regime]


It is no longer a question of if the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE], [$USD$] will be replaced by a new international monetary and financial system, its simply a matter of when, and the good professor gave some bad news on that front it may well take decades, and his guess at least [3] more world economic crises if not more away. What will the [$USD$] based world economy be replaced with, well so far it's a toss up, either a [3] three way split consisting of the [$USD$], [€EURO€] and the [PDRC] Peoples Democratic Republic of China, Yuan/Renminbi. Or, a Diversified/Multilateral Currency Regime, based upon a broader trade-weighted basket. The Multilateral Currencies would be the GLOBAL NUMERAIRE CURRENCIES [Euro, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan], and hard currency Gold, Silver, Oil and Mineral Currency-The Russian Federation,   Food Production Currency-Brazil, and Production Currency The Peoples Republic of China/India, assets that are less volatile, against price fluctuations, virtually context-free of the chance of their value disappearing entirely. With the creation of a [16] Sixteen Nation currency trading bloc within the Asian Sphere of Chinese Influence, as the Euro represents the nations of the [EU] European nations linking the [ASEAN] Association of Southeast Asian Nations, countries, who already want a single currency by [2020] but by the generally accepted end of the American-Israeli Empire, member would include; Japan, China, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and India, and not decades down the line.


[THE EMPIRE WILL DEFAULT ON DEBTS – Borrow, Tax, Print QE's and Spend like there is no tomorrow]



At present we are looking at a complete economic global meltdown, the [EMPIRE] simply has borrowed, taxed, printed [QE's] Quantitative Easing [$USD'S$], and raised its debt ceiling, and spent like there is no tomorrow, with the hope that tomorrow will never come, and the debt will either disappear or not be called due, and the government of the [EMPIRE] loves to borrow, tax, print and spend other peoples money, the trouble is in the end it all catches up to you, and the [EMPIRE] is going to default on its debts, that is a given, the question is then what, do something now or multiple economics meltdown, down the road, kicking that can down the road will give you a sore toe eventually.




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