Sunday, April 10, 2011

ENTERING THE [21ST] CENTURY - The end of the Empire!

ENTERING THE [21ST] CENTURY – The end of the Empire!


Plutocracy Superpower fall's economically before the [BRICS]   


The end time of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, the [EMPIRE] is fast approaching, as year by year the question of its position in the world as the Plutocracy Superpower of Hypocrisy, preaching, Democracy while practicing being a corporation and lobby controlled political structure of wealth for the top [1%] One-percent of its own citizenship, as it economically enslaves the other [99%], creating a vast gulf between the have's and have not's, creating a society based upon the principle that Greed Is Good, that if it is good for Big Business it is good for the citizens of the world, that a singular pyramid structure global economic system, with the [$USD$] United States Dollar as the base currency is the and will be the answer to ending world poverty in a Democratic World Order, all the while taking control of the resources of the globe, increasing the wealth of the wealth [1%] of its corporation based Plutocracy Superpower of Hypocrisy few. But, this Too Is Ending, as even the upper [1%], economic leaders of the are meeting with Billionaire George Soros, who has come to see that the Empire is in decline economically, that the future lay in a multi-polar global economic system with the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Peoples Democratic Republic of China, and The Republic of South Africa, leading the way into the [21st] Century of [Parity of Influence Spheres of Influence], a modern day Round Table of Nations, geo-economically, geo-politically, and geo-militarily.


Plutocracy Superpower fall's politically before the [BRICS]


Increasingly the grip of the [EMPIRE], the Plutocracy of Superpower Hypocrisy is losing its grip over the affairs of those it seeks to oppress, as increasingly the nations of the globe are rejecting its political leadership, as leadership not in the interest of the global community but that of [EMPIRE], self interests at the expense of those nations that have resources it needs to maintain its Plutocracy system of government, the Military Industrial Complex, of corporation lobbyist owned and controlled government, of wealth for a privilege few at the expense of the many. The global community of nations has begun to question the relationship of the [UN] United Nations, with that of the [EMPIRE], does it share the same special   [Special Relationship] with the [EMPIRE], as Israel shares, is it time for a new structure, a Round Table of [Parity Sphere of Influence], where regional associations are represented by their senior member nation, or by a rotating membership representation to that [Parity Sphere of Influence] Round Table a more geo-political democratic representative body of global representation, a body made up of the [BRICS], the [EU] European Union, The Islamic Peoples Democratic Republic, each with a rotating representation of its member nations association body of nations, within its [Parity Sphere of Influence].


Plutocracy Superpower fall's militarily around the globe.


The global community of nations increasingly is calling for the end of the Plutocracy Superpowers wars of Economic Stimulus, and this call is also being raised by its own citizens after decade upon decade of continued military cost in both blood, and treasure, as there has been in the history of the world no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare, that cost is a never ending one from inception thru continued occupation of those who have fallen before its military might, to the cost in pain and suffering of families who have lost their loved one's, to those who's lives are changed forever from wounds suffered from the wars of the [EMPIRES] wars of economic stimulus, and these cost have grown and continue to grow with each passing day, costs which are now becoming a debt of burden which can no longer be supported as the [EMPIRE] Plutocracy Superpower, as it  drowns in a sea of increasing debt to supports its failed Wars of Economic Stimulus. The peoples of both Japan, and Okinawa suffer under the economic burden of a Sympathy Extortion Tax by the Central Government of Japan even under its present distress, to support the occupation troops of the [EMPIRE] on Okinawa, who cry for justice and the ending of their second class citizenship and the removal of [EMPIRE] troops of occupation, and it's  illegal nuclear weapons from its soil, the Islamic Taliban Fighters of Afghanistan and Pakistan, are valiantly fighting a winning battle to force [EMPIRE] troops from their lands, the Islamic Al-Qaeda fighters of Iraq, have severed notice that by years end the fight for freedom from oppression by [EMPIRE] occupation will begin, and the list goes on as the world turns away from the past and Hegemony [EMPIRE] to the future and  [PARITY SPHERES OF INFLUENCE], as the world enters the [21st] Century, ending the [EMPIRE].          



HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                                

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