Tuesday, April 5, 2011


[THE CASE FOR LIBYAN PARTITION] – Maintaining the flow of commerce, stopping the flow of weapons!

With the Nuclear Plant Meltdowns, Japan has had to made some very hard decisions concerning its industry [Commerce], which included the transfer of a large part of its automotive industry to the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE], which leaves many Japanese without employment and Japan paying a [Sympathy Extortion Tax] for the maintenance of [EMPIRE] troops of occupation on the Island of Okinawa. But Japan can not afford to lose all of its industry [Commerce], and still requires energy [OIL] to support remaining industries and now both Japan and Europe must be provided with [OIL] to maintain their flow of [Commerce], and this is were Libya comes into play, that Oil for Japanese and European industry [Commerce], and has to be provided for and that means Japan with its re-entry into the [OIL] Market has put a strain upon the world wide demand for [OIL], which can be determined as cost per barrel of oil against electrical hrs. For the second day in a row price of oil is [76/$108/USD's$] per barrel, with a steady [1.4/$2/USD$] per day price level increase, at [92/$130/USD's$] per barrel the [EMPIRE's] economy stalls according to economic strategist, therefore the price of crude must be maintained, well below that amount, maintaining the flow of oil and commerce, which requires that all existing [OIL] must be held to below the [EMPIRE] economy stall price level that will allow for the flow of [Commerce] which is tied directly to flow of [Oil] at a price per barrel below the breaking price of [92/$130USD's$] per barrel, and at the present rate the magic number will be reached in [11] market working days. This is why Libya will be partitioned, as the most simple, and least expensive solution as a prolonged occupation adds to the cost which has to be made up directly by the cost per barrel of [OIL]. Libya is four times the size of Germany or the [EMPIRE] state of Wisconsin with about a quarter of it having [Oil] reserves, the rest is simply not worth the cost of occupation, the solution is the partition of a small strip running the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern [OIL] rich section of the country, and therefore regime change, is not required to achieve the partitioning and plundering of Libyan [OIL]. The advantage of Libya not ousting Gaddafi, is maintaining the flow of commerce, while nipping in the bud the demand for Nuclear Weapons technology, combined with [21st] Century delivery systems to those countries that may feel the need for such weapons to ensure their sovereignty and resources, thru [R2P] combined with regime change, and not handing it Libya directly into the hands of Al Qaeda, which has to date made off with some very important weapons which have been sold on the open market to the Al-Ishah, Hamas, Hezbollah, IAF JCG, MENA, SMB, those weapons include surface to air missiles, [2K]  Mustard Gas and [1.2K] Nerve Gas artillery shells, and as the conflict continues with Mission Creep, the weapons market will only increase, as regional stability decreases.



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