Friday, September 24, 2010




[A bad marriage]


Now we have been calling for the ending of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex Footholds Europe and Far-East ever since it has become increasingly apparent that the United States of America does not exist and has been replaced by the new economic and military Empire established between the American Empire and its partner State Israel. Since this is the state of affairs in the [21st] Twenty-First Century, then any and all alliance do not apply and therefore the Footholds are not in the interests of those countries that have been for so long under the military occupation of what has been the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex. There is an excellent article on [], entitled, New vision of Japan-U.S. ties needed at key turning point, in which William Brooks, an adjunct professor at [SAIS] The John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, has been stationed in the American-Israeli American-Israel Military Industrial Complex  Embassy in Tokyo Japan for the past [15] Fifteen years said and we quote,  the relationship between Japan has basically stated the relationship between the two countries has become a Bad Marriage, operating on autopilot, on-the-spot, ad-hoc, Band-Aid diplomacy, with little or no interest in or with each other.


[Marriage Counseling ]


We believe that like so many marriages that have reached the point of no return no amount of marriage counseling no amount of lets take and have another honeymoon, especially after the kids have grown up and move away, never mind about the grandkids as if they would really care, this marriage has stopped being a marriage of convince, it is one of necessity for the American-Israeli Empire, but one of a burden for both those involved in Foothold Europe and Foothold Japan, and certainly a VERY LARGE, economic burden on the taxpayers of the American half of the American-Israeli Empire who are looking at yet another large and growing burden on the Taxpayers of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex,  as the cost of the Footholds  to not just about the maintenance of their Footholds at the present state which is costing more and more with each passing day as the Dollar declines against the currencies of the Foothold locations, but their plans to yet increase the scale, size, and upgrading of these Footholds, in fact we will call you don't call us.


[D-I-V-O-R-C-E Time]


There comes time for a [D-I-V-O-R-C-E] , it is time for the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex Foothold Forces, Europe and Japan to take their things and move out. No, we don't need a cooling off period, a time out, counseling, mediation, a reaffirmation, or a honeymoon period, we need to tear up the marriage contract, it is a piece of paper that one could just as well wipe their backsides with at this point. This high cost, high maintenance non functional, wound Band-Aid covered, marriage of no body is happy but Wall St., Washington D. C., and the Pentagon, and the [300] Special Relationship Israeli supporting members of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex Government, an no one with the Foothold on their necks this marriage is over and its time for the Footholds at the door, and upon the necks of those Foothold countries and at the expense of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex Taxpayer, to be lifted from their necks,  to have the door slammed on its foot. It is time for separate living arrangements, were not getting back together as bed partners, you can visit but call first, in fact, Don't Call Us, We'll Call You!


HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                         

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