Saturday, January 1, 2011


A WORLD WIDE POLITICAL REFORMATION- The [BRIC] a multi-polar world order!!


[President Hugo Chavez best Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton]


The New Decade has begun and it has show that a world wide political Reformation has begun, in the year [1517] a monk by the name of Martin Luther nailed a document upon the door of a church in Germany, with [95] Thesis, beginning the Protestant Reformation that ended the mono-theist one world order of the Roman Catholic Church, a reformation that spread like wild fire across the Western World, changing forever the concept that there was only one true religion, one true God, one Holy Roman Catholic Church, one way of thinking or believing. And today yet another country has shown that the World Wide Political Reformation has truly begun as the [B] of the [BRIC] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, and the Peopled Democratic Republic of China, former Marxist guerrilla, and first female president Dilma Rousseff, was sworn in as the president of Brazil, and the tone of her presidency was immediately given as the first foreign leader she met with was the leftist President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a member of the [UNASUR] Union of South American Nations, made up of three member communities, [CAN-Mercosur- and other State Members], as are the other [BRIC] Sphere of Influence members nations are made up of sub-community member nations;


Andean Community of Nations (CAN):  Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.


Members of Mercosur: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay.


Other member States: Chile, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela.


[Brazil must seek Nuclear Weapon parity]


All senior [BRIC] member nations [MUST!!!] develop [WMD] Weapons of Mass Destruction under a [MAD] Mutual Assured Destruction policy, an Atomic, Biological, and Chemical parity, combined with delivery systems, and join together under a mutual defense agreement to provide support to the other.  Without a Nuclear Weapons Shield, the [B] Brazil [BRIC] in close geographic location to the Western Hemisphere School of Terrorism located in Ft. Benning, Georgia will have a long hard fight, but one that can be taken to the mainland of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex in the [21st] Century as opposed to past eras. The [BRIC] must support each support its member nations within the [BRIC] Spheres of Influence, in this war of Tyranny of the Bottom Line, and the [B] Brazil members of the [BRIC] will need all the support they can get from its [BRIC] partner [Sphere of [21st] Century] Influence], and if each is not within a mutual defense pact will be [Contained-Caged-Walled In] or come under Terrorists trained in the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex.


[Ending Yankee Western Hemisphere Domination]


To end the North American Yankee World Terrorist State, control within the Western Hemisphere once and for all time and to that end with [3.17B/$4B] to be used to expand Brazil's armed forces for the purchase of jet fighter air-craft it would be more than logical to remain within the [BRIC] Spheres of Influence, to make that, an other military contracts other than Yankee support required or maintained apron string military contracts, the  cutting of the apron string to the Yankees in the North, and once and for all ending its Hegemony, of one nation control over the entire Western Hemisphere,  is called for. It is time for Brazil to continue the Geo-Political Western Hemisphere Reformation that was begun many year ago on the Island of Cuba, by yet another Communist Leader Fidel Castro, it is time to end the entire control of the Western Hemisphere, one political ideology fits all past and move into a multi-polar world order as a member of the [BRIC].



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