Friday, January 21, 2011


CALIFORNIA 1ST STATE ON BANKRUPTCY LIST – Sorry your credits card is beyond its limit!!


This is short sweet and to the point now the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, is going to raise its debt ceiling beyond [$14T-USD] Fourteen Trillion United States Dollars, and that's not all its going to allow its States [Providences], to go broke and file bankruptcy, and guess who will be the first on that list, it would be a safe bet the Republic of California, which represents the [7th] largest economy in the world, on top of going deeper in debt. Hu and the [PDRC] Peoples Republic of China is going to extend the credit card limit, or the member of the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, Peoples Republic of China, or The Union of South Africa? Then you can expect [25] plus other states to follow them into Bankruptcy!


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