Friday, March 19, 2010


[The Big Picture]
Now, we have been reading the English-Israeli-Press, to get a picture of their position, but that like any other foreign language press unless read in their language may not really give the mind set of those writing the article and may be written to not give a true clear picture, but that being once again said, there is the method of looking at it all its just about East Jerusalem, or you can look at it as part and parcel of the entire, puzzle, [THE BIG PICTURE], and how it all tie's together, which to his credit and believe me it gives me no pleasure in giving him credit King David H. [The Butcher of Islam] Be-tray Us, who is faced with dealing with the fall-out of the East Jerusalem, announcement, has commented upon and rightly so, the guy can't be wrong all the time, even if it is most of the time.
[The Natural Growth Thing]
Now, Deist are a real problem, and [BiBi], Benyamin/Binyamin [BiBi] Gift from God Netanyahu, the [PM] Prime Minister of Israel, is a Deist, and being a Non-Deist, we question this Gift from God idea, but to continue. Deist have this thing about being fruitful and multiplying, now the sex part of the equation we have always gone along with and enjoyed, flowers need a bee around, and we did our part to buzz around. But, this is the [21st] Century, and Non-Deist have long come to the conclusion that the natural number [2.718] Two-Point-Seven-One-Eight, can be if desired cut to [0] Zero or increased to its cheaper by the dozen, it's simply a matter of what one can afford, and you're the father, makes a paycheck a lot leaner. Now, Israel and especially the Ultra-Conservative Israeli, Haredi  Jew's, who have the Catholic Deist view that a God Will Provide, were as Non-Deist say YES, the human species was provided with a BRAIN, that looks at reality as it is on the ground, and Israel hasn't got a lot of it [GROUND]. So this Natural Growth thing starts when one head of the two men are provided with starts to grow, but the other head is meant to be used to prevent population growth. Get your Natural Growth under control both ways, get along with your neighbors, and things might not end up in some war to end all wars. We doubt even at the present time if all the Jew's who could or would even want to be in Holy Land, could be supported by Israel, now. So, get the Natural Growth under control.  
[Bomb, Bomb, Iran]
Again, [BiBi] and the Media Messiah Imperial President of the Empire, seem to have a plan to [Bomb, Bomb, Iran], before it's newly built Nuclear Plant can be brought on line in June, and this is the reason that the Messiah is always cancelling his over-seas trip into or near the area, this is a view that is being seen more and more across the InterNet and talked about by the [21st] Century [NetCizens]. The general view is BiBi see's that things are in fact changing, the American-Israeli Empire is in fact falling, and time is running out for Israel to establish it's control of the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Cush. BiBi see's as everyone else does that the [EU] European Union is going to leave the Cush, washing it's hands of the mess, the [EU] see's the [BIG PICTURE], and is not looking for the [21st] Century to be the End, but a new beginning based upon the technology, human potential, drive and determination of the Dreamers, Thinkers, Workers, and [NetCitzens] of the [21st] Century. All of whome see the bombing of Iran, as INSANE, and [BiBi] is INSANE, to even think about it. But, the idea is to lock the [EU] in place by bombing Iran, before it has a chance to withdraw between [1st May 2010 – 2011]. Non-Deist want things Froze in Place, Israel needs to take a cold shower, if they can't use both heads, and Freeze it's Natural Growth, and Freeze the idea of [Bomb, Bomb, Iran] in a deep freeze, [FREEZING BiBi IN PLACE].
HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                                

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