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Now, in the present economic conditions, POOR TO VERY POOR, nothing is moving, and this is especially true in the Mobile Home Park Industry, no mobile home park owner in his right mind should even consider the idea of purchasing a modular mobile home and placing it in their parks for sale at a cost of [€70k-78k/$90k-$100k] Seventy to Seventy Eight Thousand Euros /Ninety to One Hundred thousand Dollars just to have them sit not for short periods of time but for years, yes, years, we have seen just such [2] two units sit just that long before the owner gave up and simply rented them out, and the best individuals to rent such units out to in this non-economy is in fact Section 8, renters as the government is picking up most of the tab, and that means the taxpayer is picking up the tab on the rental of such units, which is not in itself a bad thing at all, but just goes to show just how bad things have really gotten, the government is getting into renting properties.




The Mobile Home Park Owners are really in a serious bind, and that bind in fact is tightening up with each passing day, older units, which were hot items in the [70's-80-s] Seventies and the Eighties, which a serviceable are increasing hard to find in this economy and the purchase of newer units for sale and even rent beyond government assisted renting is out of the realm of reality in the non-economy that is in play. The fact is that the older Mobile Home Owners are dying off, and units are available but that does not mean that the owners of parks are really interested in their purchase, as these owners grew older they were both physically and economically unable to maintain themselves let along a Mobile Home Unit. May such units are in fact becoming increasing available to the Mobile Home Park Owners for purchase from the family estates. But that does not mean that a Mobile Home Park Owner will be interested beyond offering a rock bottom offer, and why should that be so, the modern renter is spoiled the idea of not having a dish washer in the kitchen, central heating and air conditioning, a washer and dryer in the unit is below modern day standards, and the majority of units of the past decades do not in fact have such items, and the owners have to make sure that the unit can in fact support such modern day items with their old wiring systems, having to install such modern items is up and beyond the replacement of carpets, painting, replacing grass around such units with rock in areas were water conservation is becoming a great and great issue in many areas where Mobile Home Parks still exist. Just as a side note the past era sported French Doors and they were nice looking and all but are heat sinks, allowing cold in during the winter months and heat in during the summer, and using aluminum  tin foil over them not only looks bad but really serves little or no purpose, even if they had been made with polarized glass, it would only have served to keep out a small percentage of [U/V] Ultra Violet Rays, the over all fact is past era is past era, and they aren't passing muster with the present era generation, they are not going to wash dishes by hand, walk to the nearest launder mat, they expect the temperature to be what they want when they want for the rent they are paying, and for what it cost to rent such a unit, well its nice to have the tax payer picking up the cost. In the end the Old Ways are Meeting the New Ways.




So, basically the Mobile Home Park Owners are becoming strapped and are in a cut throat war to obtain units that are both serviceable and have the possibility to bring up to modern era renter requirements, and in the Southwestern part of the Israeli American Empire the War Is On, we watched as one owner out bid another owner of a unit in the unit owners park. The park owner was to angry he gave the purchasing owner [24hrs] twenty-four hours to get it off his property, the winning park owner had to pay some over-time to his staff that weekend. The point is Mobile Home Parks are a Microcosm of just what is going on in the economy, nothing is moving except down to Old Mexico, units that cost to much to bring up to modern day standards in the Empire, you talk large cast outputs and no one has that kind of liquid cash flow available and with the value of assets in steep decline, what a Mobile Home Park or its owners value for tax purpose may not be in fact his or its true value in this failing economy. It's a matter of rentals yes, but don't expect that modern day era standards will apply any where, will you have a dish washer and dryer or are you going to do it the old fashion way by hand, are you going to have a washer and dryer hook up and units within your unit or apartment, or are you going to chug on down to the nearest launder mat, are you going to have central heating and air-conditioning, or will it be electric fans sitting in your [BVD's/Undies] in the heat or layering up with heating elements, in the winter? In Mobile Home Parks renters are now the norm, owners are dying off, and are no longer the fall back in hard time's they once were, in fact they are become and increasing cost item forming Mobile Home Park Renter/Owners Associations [Communist Style Movements] spying upon your neighbors, and threats to little old ladies, taking Mobile Home Park Owners to court costing the loss of Insurance Coverage, and thousands of dollars in additional costs, and the Mobile Park Owners are being forced to seek a new way, of NO OWNERS, short leases, month to month, and look to the government for increasing allowances for Section 8, rental, guaranteed government support thru the back door.


HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                       

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