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Senior Citizen Mobile Home Parks [SCMHP] are used as Granny Dump sites across the nation, this is not to say that it is done out of some malice to Granny by the offspring it is just that Granny like so many women was younger that her husband who pasted away and Granny loved her children and grand-children and on and on, but Granny has no intention of moving in with the kids, Granny has got her stuff and she has had her independence for a long time and is not ready to give it up, she pretty much figures that when she is ready to go into assisted living that will be a different thing, then she can divide her stuff up among the kids if they really want old stuff to add to their stuff. It is a sad but true fact that sometimes Granny goes to sleep one night and never again wakes up.




So what can happen to Granny's Stuff and the answer to that is make someone a quick buck. Some child who has had a bad relationship with Granny has been estranged for decades, may show up get the car, clean out the bank account, and any other valuables they can find, let the landlord how that the unit is his, for whatever price he is willing to pay, just sent the check to them, and anything in the unit is his to do with as he pleases. Other times individuals claiming to be representatives or connected to some charitable organization, but charity begins with them, they generally pick thru Granny's Stuff, looking for what can be sold on line or elsewhere, that's free cold hard cash in their pockets, then what's left over either may or may not end up going to a charitable organization, but the lions share will end up in the local landfill.




Now, we know that it sounds terrible that [SCMHP'S] are Granny Dumps, but it is what it is, the up side is Granny is around individuals of her generation and era, and that counts for a whole lot along with no kids under her feet or wild parties going on in the unit next to hers, the owners and others in the Park know and understand the process of both aging and death that are a daily fact of life living in a [SCMHP], tours can be arranged for residents, special reductions in utility bill, etc. are arranged by many [SCMHP] owners for their residents. It is that those who are going to place/dump Granny in an [SCMHP], understand that it is best NOT TO OWN A UNIT, renters in [SCMHP'S] are generally not unable to purchase their own units it is that it is recommended that Senior Citizens seek only to be on month to month rental agreements or leases as you wish to call them. The main reason for this is that a long term lease could come to be a problem in estate settlement if the Senior Citizen was to pass away with a long period remaining on their lease agreement, and then there is the question of if they do in fact owners of their own unit, which must by some local laws be upon a mobile home site and can not be upon privately owned land, unless it is in a Mobile Home Park that is owned by the residents, a total Association Park. In today's economy there is a glut of foreclosed homes let alone Mobile Homes in Mobile Home Parks, and nothing is moving, so Granny pass's away leaving a long term lease agreement and her Mobile Home, the grieving relatives are now stuck with a unit that will not sell, and the month up keep, yard, water, gas, etc. too continue to have to fork out the cash plus the lease payment on unit sight. At this point the relatives make the decision that it would be best in this economy to sell the unit to the park owner or the landlord. 


HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                       


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