Thursday, June 3, 2010




[Table it]


So, what happened with the Korean Warships having at each other, an investigation, the [BRIC] member the [C] The [PRC] Peoples Republic of China, Apple, Boeing, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Google, Nike, Rio Tinto, Starbucks, and last but not least [Wally World] Wal-Mart Stores, are what happened and they are not happy campers, some pretty smart people have some really insightful comments about there is going to be a [3] Three Legged solution to this mess that was created by the [SOSE] Secretary of State of the Empire Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, and among those was to put a stop to things, now in Parliamentary proceeding you Table a motion, put it into executive committee, or if you're the Supreme Court you simple don't hear it, so the boys decided to have an investigation, that will have a very clever answer that will be a short item in some minor news report, end of problem.       


[Heads have to roll]


This is to be swept under the rug, a trade war between the three legs of the business tirade, Beijing, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C., have decided that when there is a prolonged economic slump that seems to have no end, it, having military hardliners ruining business. And the next order of business is to clean house, Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton has to go, Timothy Geithner, has to go, Gary Locke has to go, former [EMPIRE] Ambassador to Japan Thomas Schieffer, and Guam Senator Judith P. Guthertz, who is the chair of the Committee on Military Buildup and Homeland Security in the Senate have had all the political tack of a Bull in a China Shop when it comes to Asian Affairs, especially placing saber rattling military hardliners first over business considerations, and these business concerns aren't going to put money into the campaigne coffers of hard-liners which with the mood of the electorate for the removal of any incumbent is going to the only life blood that may win them another election.


[Decade's Business Plan]


Things are going to have to change, if the Israeli-American Empire [THE EMPIRE]. The [Empire] is going to have to acknowledge the existence of the [BRIC] Sphere's of Influence in the [21st] Century, Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, and The Peoples Republic of China, and the [EU] European Union, that the wars of terror and the wars of economic stimulus are going to have to come to an end, thru negotiation or it will be the Israeli-American Empire against the rest of the world, which is the way things are drifting now, with the Mega-Metropolis Empire of New York City, and Washington, D. C., and Israeli seen as a problem to be dealt within, vise one to be worked with. A Ten and Twenty Year plan a course of action for the next two decades across the board has to be the order of the day. What happened with Asia, it has been awakened, and the world has changed, no more one fire after another to be put out is acceptable, controlled business structured management is the order of the day.



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