Monday, June 7, 2010




[GC] Grand-Pa, those men over there daddy says are not ours, and are bad men, and to stay away from them, why is daddy say that?


[GP] Well, they are not ours they are American Troops of Foothold Occupation, your father may have use the wrong word by saying they were bad, they are more dangerous than bad, but your daddy is correct in saying you should stay away from them.


[GC] Grand-Pa what does Troops of Foothold Occupation mean?


[GP] Well, lets start out with Occupation, the word occupation in this case it mean they are staying in our country, a foothold is an iron grip on something, and troops are a fighting force, so if we put it all together they are a fighting force which is not ours, staying in our country, with an iron grip.


[GC] Oh! But all the family all my aunts and uncles and my other Grand-Pa and Grand-Ma, and all my friends and their families they break our laws, and don't belong here and should go home, they commit crimes like assault, robbery, drug possession, rape and murder, that they have weapons our government won't let our soldiers have, they pollute the environment with noise from their planes, and other laws of our country they simply don't obey.


[GP] Well, that's a hard one, the answer is yes they do, do all those bad things,  none of us want them in our country, and by reading blogs and their newspapers in our language on the computer even their own mothers and fathers don't want them here, but after having [2] Two Wars with them and having been beaten [2] Two time by them with a great loss of life on both sides, their government and other governments feel that an iron grip has to be continued to make sure there isn't another war with us. These are very dangerous individuals, and can do very bad things, and that's why your father told you to steer clear of them.


[GC] Oh! But why did we go to war with them [2] Two times?


[GP] Well, the short answer is wars happen when the politicians can't do their jobs, and talk things out or have an agenda of their own, then war breaks out, but you will learn all about that in school.


[GC] Oh! Grand-Pa what's an agenda?


[GP] It's something they want to get done, something they want to do.


[GC] Grand-Pa, if their mommies and Daddies don't want them here and we don't want them here, why don't they go home, can't we just tell them to go home?


[GP] Well, it's like with your mom and dad they tell you to go too your room, or wash your face and behind your ears you have to do it or your in big trouble, well if they don't come here to place an iron grip on our country, then they will be in trouble, so they are doing what their government is telling them. We, that is our government does not have the authority to tell them to go home.


[GC] But, Grand-Pa you said that their families didn't want them here either, so why doesn't their government tell them to come home?


[GP] That's a good question, an no one has an answer to that one, we simply don't know when or if they will ever leave our country, one of their leaders a mommy by the name of Hillary Clinton, said they will leave when they decide to leave.


[GC] And, how long have they been here Grand-Pa?


[GP] As long as your Grand-father has lived.


[GC] But Grand-Pa, your OLD, really, really old, you mean they will be here that long?


[GP] Well, not all that old, but yes they could be, and maybe longer.


[GC] But, Grand-ma was talking to mom and said your so old that since you retired, and stopped working so has everything else, she told mom that you can't see without your glass's, you can't hear worth bean without your hearing aides, you teeth aren't yours, you use a walking stick and say it's what elderly men do, but she say's you need it to walk, and if it wasn't for the little blue pill nothing would work at all, and that only works for a very short time, you mean that long?


[GP] Oh! Your Grand-mother and mother said that about me, well were just going to have to have a little chat about that, your Grand-mother, mother and Grand-Pa, sorry but yes, and when you have a Grand-child you better remember this conversation, it may or may not help you explain why those dangerous men are still in our country.


[GC] Well, I think they are BAD! And they should GO HOME!


[GM-Grand-mother] Dear, his mother is here to pick the child up.


[GP] Look, why don't you go out in the back yard for a little while and play, Oh, Sweetheart, why don't you and Pumpkin come in here, we have something to discuss, Old, OLD MY FOOT!



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