Friday, September 16, 2011

ADVERTIZING - In Economic hard times


ADVERTIZING – In Economic hard times



[Day's of Wine and Rose's are gone]



Now, we grew up in an era of when things such as purchasing on layaway was almost if not the accepted method of purchasing those items that one could not possibly afford if not purchased by the layaway method, the concept of credit cards and high interest rates was not even in the cards and a housewife had a budget provided by the husband and heaven held her if she could not make the household work within that budget. Well, we are now seeing that the concept of the layaway programs are now returning in the modern world wide economic downturn, but much more has to be done by the media to generate sales of their products. The Day's of Wine and Rose's are over, the economic good times have ended, and if companies continue to advertise as if the good times are still in vogue many will join those that have already gone into bankruptcy.



[Selling it]


It is time to revisit the days of yesteryear, what goes around comes around, things that were done in the past have a way of once again becoming the new waves of the future or present but with a twist, such as cargo pants, cut at the knees are nothing more than the [1950's] [G.I.] Government Issue Cargo Pants of the American [G.I.]. So, what has this got to do with advertizing, it is time for the actors and so called stars have  too start hawking products not only in commercials, during their own shows but within the shows themselves, in economic hard times it is suicide not to hard sell the products that support programming. Products must have their labels front and center, both visually and verbally by those who are getting paid by companies to support their living. It should not be just get me a coffee, it should be get me a Starbuck's, it should not be left up to the viewer to look a vehicle and just happen to see its make and model, as an actor points out the options that make it better or have a value added feature, the make and model must be verbally said. Actors, Writers, Producers, within the industry have to get off their high horses and start getting down with the new reality, they must understand that they are going to have to become pitch men, get out their and sell it baby, it's no longer going to sell itself. These are hard times and it take a hard sell to overcome the competition, and beyond just the product a method that will allow the public to purchase it beyond high interest credit, buy now go bankrupt later.



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