Monday, May 23, 2011

SEPTEMBER [UN] VOTE- "I'll drink to that"

SEPTEMBER [UN] VOTE- "I'll drink to that"

[The Symbolic Vote]

Now, the Emperor of the American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE] has stated that in September he will have his Realm vote against the recognition of the Palestrina Authority as a new independent nation and member of the [UN] United Nations. The Emperor is basing his belief on the idea that his representatives [1] one vote on the [UN] Security Council will over ride the vote to accept a new member as voted by the entire General Assembly, that in fact make's the Empire a one world government, the Emperor's vote over rides the majority, of at least [150] Aye votes for recognition, as it is only a Symbolic Vote and would not mean anything according to the Emperor, or does it? The old saying goes lead, follow or get out of the way many are saying that in fact the Emperor has chosen another choice, be the lap dog to his master [BIBI] The Gift from God and former Chicago Republican, Binyamin/Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel, just curdled, up in a ball to be fed campaign money by [AIPAC/AZC] the American Israeli Political Action Committee / American Zionist Committee, as a treat for being such a good boy.

[What ever Bibi wants Bibi gets]

So what is the Emperors idea, well of course what was not good and evil for the former Union of South Africa, Apartheid is now the vogue of the Pure Jewish State, what was once out of style is now back in style which somehow has been the traditions of all style. Basically its what ever BiBi wants BiBi wants Bibi Gets, and little Emperor Bibi wants it all, a Pure Jewish State, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile to the Euphrates, made up of only those of Pure Jewish Blood, a state of Pure Theocratic Zionism, not a Democratic State, wagging the dog the American Corporation Plutocracy of Hypocrisy, which is creating a Nuclear Choke Chain Necklace of Pearls running from [Foothold Germany] to [Foothold Okinawa]. The [EMPIRE] no longer can nor should be seen as anything but a threat seeking world domination, by the positioning of forward military installations with advanced military technology in such a way as to extort control by threat of overwhelming military force, [WMD] Weapons of Mass Destruction.

[I'll drink to that"]

Now the Irish are a hot tempered, hard headed bunch and if the [IRA] Irish Republican Army were involved there would not be one fine stone standing upon another, more often than not. And here George Mitchell was able to bring about a Peace Accord between the English and the Mc's, and you can bet he must have run thru a lot of Irish whiskey me thinks, but when it came to the Pure Jewish State, the Quite Man, threw in the towel, "I Quit", take this job and shove it, I ain't working here no more. And, now the [EMPIRE] and its Emperor are stumbling over the same old worn out stones in the road, leading into the same old road blocks, following the same directions posted by the same organization [AIPAC/AZC], what is that? We don't think there is enough [JD] Jack Daniels ever been brewed to entice anyone take the job again, well, then again maybe, that [JD], sitting down to accomplish nothing more than just tipping the bottle to another "I'll drink to that", a break in the meetings a lot of them, but we just sat down, 'I'll drink to that", would make for a [JD] day. This thing has turned into the longest brawl in history, but we don't expect any real memorable reconciliations, and "I'll Drink to That."


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